About Us
About Us

We are a professional manufacturer engaged in producing and exporting of demister pads and mist eliminators of various types. Major materials for making of demister filters cover stainless steel wire, copper wire, Monel wire, fiber glass and other fine materials. Demisters are classified into Standard Type, High Efficiency Type, High Permeability Type and Shock Absorption Type according to the features of filters.

Demisters are populary used in petroleum refining, petrochemical industry, gas chemistry, synthetic chemistry, salt and sugar manufacturing and other chemical industries. They are also employed in packed towers, dust arrestors and air filters in various enterprises, or for chemical-reaction acceleration. Our demister pads mainly work in the following industries:

1. Vacuum Tower - The treatment quantity by the demister goes up by 35%. The quality of oil gas is improved.

2. Absorber - Some gasoline plants use a glycol absorber so the installation cost is being repaid

within a month.

3. Knockout Drums and Separators - If Demister is used, ⅓inch drum is sufficient.

4. Gas Separator Vessels - Hydrocarbon in gases is collected so gas of 1/0.1 billion purity is produced out.

5. Evaporator - Product loss goes down and purity is remarkably improved.

6. Scrubber - In the field of caustic soda, the demister is used to prevent air pollution.

7. Distillation Column